Plusshus construction system

A major advantage of using prefabricated building elements is to shorten working hours on the construction site. Moreover, the manufactureing of the various components are conducted in a dry, controlled factory environment. Derome Plusshus are built with modern and rational volume construction technique.

Plusshus for industrial construction - Modules

Building with Plusshus modules shorten the construction period further because the degree of completion in the factory is extremely high. The modules consist of prefabricated volume elements with floors, walls and ceilings. They are supplied as ready room where everything is in place from floor and wall coverings to kitchen units with appliances and finished bathrooms. The modules can also be supplied with a roof, providing even better protection on the construction site. It improves the quality and reduces the risk of building damage caused by moisture. In the apartment block, the module can include several apartments linked together .

A selection of our Plusshus are industrially standardized houses for B2B customers seeking cost-efficient house models and to short lead times. We also have ready concepts customers can use in their sales processes. Contact us so we can describe our offerings and also help in the early stages of the process.